Used and loved by people leading high demand lifestyles like

veterans and their families, students, stay at home moms and professionals.


Doctor Recommended

“I found Tactical Vitality very effective at increasing mood. I will take it regularly and recommend it to my patients.”

– Dawna Gutzman, M.D. Northwestern University Psychiatrist

David Mills

“Reduced feelings of stress, enhanced focus, and increased concentration.”

– David Mills, (Captain in the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, British Military), 30 years old, combat veteran deployed in Afghanistan

“Just feel better! Taking Tactical Vitality I feel that it is just easier to function every day and get things done without having to push myself over that “hump” of depression, get going, and get things done. Keep my shipments coming.”

– Andy Wooten, (Sergeant, U.S. Air Force), 49 years old

“After trying several different prescriptions and many different natural supplements, I finally found relief for the stress of my busy lifestyle.  It’s as if a wave of peace washed over me.”

–  Adora Sauer, 43 year old attorney and mother

Bill Eichengreen

“Everything just seems brighter.  Tactical Vitality seems to really work!”

– Bill Eichengreen, 70 year old former Army Reservist

“I was in pretty good health before I began using the Enabled Enterprise nutritional supplement, but felt even better after being on the regimen for even just a short period of time. At my age of 57, it certainly helps to have an added edge in life . . .[Tactical Vitality] has enabled me to have a vim and vigor that I had not experienced for a while. . . I appreciate the fact that the Tactical Vitality product doesn’t use caffeine stimulants to boost my energy levels. For sure, Tactical Vitality is for me!”

– Jayson Sawyer, Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired, West Point graduate

“Great product! I felt better after only day 2 of taking Tactical Vitality. Had more energy, especially in the afternoon when I usually experienced low energy levels. Also, experienced a deeper sleep each night – woke-up feeling more rested.”

– Joe Gross, Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired, West Point graduate

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