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Natural Remedies for Demanding Lifestyles

Enabled Health (“EH”) is a majority veteran owned business committed to providing natural solutions for veterans, first responders and individuals with high demand lifestyles. EH recognizes that stress has reached epidemic proportions in the lives of our nations heroes as well as everyday heroes striving to do their best in this life. As a result, there is a huge demand for stress remedies and supplements that provide real results for reduced stress, enhanced energy and optimized health.

Best Natural Stress Relief

Enabled Health spent two years working with other veterans to discover their biggest issues. Then EH worked with the foremost experts in the field of health and wellness to develop the most beneficial and efficacious nutritional supplements to provide the best natural stress relief. In conjunction with Enabled Enterprises and MediSun Health, EH is developing a full line of products to deal with the most common issues facing veterans, first responders and individuals with high demand lifestyles.


Casey Owens

(Corporal, USMC)
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James H. Mukoyama

Major General,  US Army | Retired
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Larry Spatz

Philanthropist | Entrepreneur
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Gordon Russell 

Rear Admiral, US Navy | Retired
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Jayson Sawyer

Colonel, US Army | Retired
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Andy Wooten

(Sergeant, US Air Force)
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In October of 2014, we lost our good friend, founder and military hero, Casey Owens.  While on a rescue mission to save a comrade, Casey was severely injured and as a result lost both of his legs. Casey was awarded multiple medals for his bravery and was honored by President Bush at his inauguration. We dedicate Enabled Health and Enabled Enterprises to his memory.  Our efforts to create business opportunities, as well as medical and emotional support for our veterans, will continue in Casey’s honor.

Partner Companies

MediSun Health was founded in 2010, by Enabled Enterprise Founder, Larry Spatz, renowned neurologist Barry Jay Riskin, M.D., and accomplished engineer, Troy Livingston.  The company developes medical technology for the treatment multiple diseases including Traumatic Brain Injury, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and other neurological and immune diseases.  MediSun Health successfully completed clinical trials with their medical device at the University of Illinois with MS patients.  Currently, MediSun is in the process of conducting clinical trials at the Lovell Federal Health Care Center, a joint DoD/VA health center.  These trials will focus on both active service members and veterans dealing with TBI and PTSD, as well as geriatric issues including treatment and prevention of falls and fractures.

Enabled Enterprises is a majority veteran owned business founded in 2014 by two wounded combat veterans and a veterans’ advocate/entrepreneur. The company was formed to create business opportunities, emotional health and wellness support for veterans.  Enabled Enterprises’ mission is supporting their fellow comrades-in-arms with issues they face in post military life.  Toward this end, EE provides opportunities for veterans and spouses to partner in business.  To achieve its mission of providing support and employment, the company created a for profit model for independent veteran entrepreneurs to sell and distribute EE’s unique products.

Children of Heroes Foundation was founded in 2004 by Larry Spatz to support children who have lost parents in military combat.  The organization is fully self-funded and takes no contributions.  The foundation raises money by selling products such as hats and t-shirts designed with patriot themes.  Children of Heroes’ team members participate in the annual National Veterans Winter Sports Clinic, which is a world-leader in adaptive winter sports instruction for U.S. military Veterans, active duty servicemen and women with disabilities.

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